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Air conditioning

We offer:

  • Air Conditioning Recharge
  • Sanitising/disinfecting your System
  • Leak Detection
  • Repair

90% of all new cars have air conditioning. Make sure you have it serviced
regularly. Otherwise, it could break down, consume more fuel or lead to
uncomfortable smells in the car.

We would advise you to:

  • make sure you have it disinfected at least once a year. You should also have the
    filter changed on an annual basis,
  • have it thoroughly serviced once every two years. This will help avoid high
    repair costs of the entire system and prevent it from breaking down
  • recharge your air conditioning system approximately every 20,000 km or
    every 2 years,
  • replace the cabin filter at each reload of your air conditioning system.

The importance of servicing your car regularly Whether you drive a 2010 car or an older run around regular maintenance is a must. Many of us use our cars daily but can be guilty of putting the car service on the long finger. However having it serviced could be the difference between a minor repair job and a serious and expensive fault down the road.

It’s recommended that you have a professional service every 5,000 kilometers or every 3,000 miles, which may consist of a simple oil change or could involve a full service check of the vehicle including safety checks.

The most vital part of a car service is to have your oil changed. If you don’t regularly change your oil, sludge may build up which will prevent the engine being correctly lubricated. This could result in engine failure and an expensive repair. Having a regular service will help you avoid this problem and save you money in the long run.

Although you should schedule to have your car serviced regularly, there are times when it’s particularly important. For example, if you’re about to embark on a long journey or if your car hasn’t been used for a while. Cars which have been sitting still for prolonged periods of time may have developed issues on account of the engine being left idle.

In a nutshell, having your car regularly serviced will: Help reduce engine wear Improve fuel economy Prolong the life of your engine. Highlight any outstanding safety issues or wear and tear on suspension, steering and braking systems.

Car Service – What We Do

If you are unsure of the best car service for your vehicle, give us a call on (085 166 36 81) we’ll take the time to assess your needs and recommend the most valuable car service to you and your vehicle.

  • Change oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Change air filter
  • Change spark plugs
  • Change wiper rubbers
  • Add screen wash
  • Check/Adjust fluid levels
  • Check/Adjust tyre pressure
  • Check/Replace light bulbs
  • Check/Adjust handbrake
  • Road worthiness check
  • Diagnostic check
  • Reset service light
  • Stamp service book
  • Change pollen filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Change brake fluid
  • Change coolant
  • Check/adjust engine bay fluid levels
  • Check engine bay for fluid leaks
  • Check auxiliary belts condition
  • Check antifreeze concentration
  • Check brake fluid moisture content
  • Check battery condition
  • Check/clean battery connections
  • Check alternator charging rate
  • Check/adjust windscreen washer jets
  • Check underneath car for fluid leaks
  • Check for play in wheels
  • Check/adjust wheel torque


Water Pump Repair & Replacement

An effective, fully­functional water pump is critical to your car’s smooth running and safety. The water pump in your vehicle prevents your engine from overheating. It pumps water and coolant to the engine, regulating the temperature, so that your engine can perform well.

The hints which prompt you that you might need a water pump repair or replacement:

The top sign that you have a problem with your water pump is an overheated engine, so it’s important to keep an eye on your temperature gauge. Another thing to watch for are puddles of coolant under your vehicle. If you know where to find the water pump, you may notice a leak or some rust around the water pump. This could indicate a problem so we recommend getting professional advice if you spot this. If you notice any of these symptoms, especially an overheated engine, get in touch with us on 085 166 36 81 immediately. If possible, don’t drive your vehicle until we assess its condition.

Timing Belt Repair & Replace

In a nutshell, your vehicle’s timing belt (also called a cam belt or timing chain) keeps your engine synchronised. It ensures that each valve opens and closes at the right time by keeping the crankshaft and camshaft rotating in synchronisation.

If your timing belt snaps or it is faulty in any way, you’ll know about it instantly (see our signs below). It also wears over time, and even without any incidents, in time, your timing belt will need to be replaced. If you need a new timing belt, or repairs to an existing timing belt, we’ll offer you a competitive price and fast, effective service

Top Signs You Need A Timing Belt Repair or Replacement:

Increased exhaust smoke. Difficulty when starting your car. Engine vibration (your vehicle will shake). Your vehicle cuts out while you’re driving -­ this happens in the case of a snapped timing belt. If you think you may have you timing belt worn out or if your timing belt has snapped, call us on 085 166 36 81 and we’ll send a mobile mechanic to wherever you are in Co.Kildare,Laois, Carlow or Wicklow.

Head Gasket Repair & Replace

The head gasket acts as a seal between 2 main parts of your engine (the cylinder block and the cylinder head), so it’s vital to keep your engine running correctly and safely. If your head gasket has blown, you will need a repair or replacement carried out in a professional manner. As soon as you notice any of the major signs of a blown head gasket (see our guidelines below), contact us on 085 166 36 81 to set up a consultation with us.

Unsure if you need a head gasket repair?

Here are the most common signs you have blown a gasket:

Check your temperature gauge. If your engine is overheating, that’s a sure sign that you have had your head gasket blown . Your engine is losing coolant fast, or the coolant is leaking from any visible or hidden sources. Excessive white smoke coming out from your exhaust. Check your oil. If it’s of milky colour, you will need to call us for a gasket repair or replacement. Likewise, if you spot bubbles in your coolant overflow tank or radiator, get in touch to arrange a consultation. If you think any of the above might apply to your vehicle, get in touch with us by phone (085 166 36 81) or Request a Free Quote online.

Engine Rebuild and Repair

Your engine is the heart of your car, and when something is wrong about it, it needs immediate attention. Whether your vehicle needs a partial engine repair, or a complete rebuild, we can offer unparalleled value and and quality. Our experienced mechanics use the latest technology to diagnose, repair and rebuild your engine. Depending on what your engine needs are, we can restore existing parts, replace broken parts, or do a complete engine rebuild.

Signs you need an engine rebuild or repair

“How do I know my engine has a problem?”. We hear this a lot. Some engine problems are obvious and easy to spot, but this is not always the case.

Here are a few warning signs that your engine, or part of it, needs thorough attention:

Smoke ­- excessive amount of smoke from your exhaust pipe, or smoke coming from any other part of the vehicle. Unusual noises ­ – we are talking about banging, grinding or clunking noises. These are definite indicators of a problem. Reduced power – ­ you may notice a loss of power in your vehicle, difficulty gaining power, or driving uphill. If your vehicle is showing any of these signs, we recommend calling us for a free consultation as soon as possible. The best thing to do if you notice these symptoms, is to stop driving immediately. Pull in where it is safe, and phone us on 085 166 36 81 . We will be happy to send a mobile mechanic to your location immediately.

*** Vehicle Diagnostics

Do you have lights on your dash? …90% of the time it is not a major issue! If you need a diagnostics conducted or you have your lights turned off… Give me a call 085166 3681!

Car / Van buying tips

  1. Meet the seller at their home or at the address shown on the vehicles log book; never send any money prior to the meeting!
  2. Check the location and the address match up , use google maps or your sat nav.
  3. Get a copy of the seller’s I.D card or a least get to see their I.D and verify it matches the name on the log book. Ask the seller if they are the owners.
  4. Prior to viewing the car, ask the seller for the vin/chassis number and reg number , at this point it is always worthwhile to use Carcheck , Cartell or Motorcheck to verify previous history regarding outstanding finances ,stolen vehicle details or crash/damage history.
  5. If you decide to purchase, remember to get a receipt . A receipt should include the following details: the price ,the date , the names/address of both the seller and purchaser, vehicle registration and make/model ”Seller’s signature” , after it is paid, it should be marked ”paid” by the seller.
  6. If you decide to purchase the vehicle, get a copy of the log book/ registration document . HANDY TIP just take a picture of it with your smart phone camera.
  7. Do not go alone, always bring a friend or a family member (not a car full of giddy friends) .
  8. Let the seller know that you will need to check the vehicle thoroughly and that you will be carrying out the above checks . It’s best to inform them of this prior to viewing.
  9. Now you need to check the vehicle mechanically etc , so that is when a mechanic or engineer can help.
  10. Checking the vehicle ECU ( vehicle computer) for hidden faults ,tampered fault lights ,Vin/ Chassis number verification and a host of other info is something worth considering specially now as all cars/vans have onboard computers.
  11. Regarding NCTs , if you wish you can ring the NCT customer service , give them the Registration of the vehicle you are considering to buy and they will verify if the vehicle has a valid NCT . If you give them the due date of the next NCT test they will verify if that is correct . They are not in a position to share private information , they can only verify whether the information you give them is correct or not.

Regarding commercial vehicles, CVRT tests and test certificates and discs. The RSA is the authority in charge of CVRT(DOE) tests and they are not willing to verify the authenticity of any test documents to the potential new owners. They are only willing to talk with the registered owner.


This list is not to be considered as legal advice but something worth considering but only as a friendly bit of knowledge. For more information please dial 0851663681.

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